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Advisory Committee on Community Mediation

The Advisory Committee on Community Mediation (ACCM) was convened in September 2011 and chaired by former Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee. Members of the Committee are typically Master Mediators and above who are selected in view of their experiences and backgrounds in the community.



The ACCM advises and assists the CMC on initiatives to attract and ensure a sustainable long term supply of volunteers as well as public outreach efforts to heighten awareness of the CMC's services. They also help to strengthen the CMC's partnership networks so as to ensure the effective channeling of cases to the CMC for mediation.


Current members of the panel:




Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee





Mr Han Kok Juan

Deputy Secretary (Law)


Ms Leow Lay May

Director, Community Legal Services Division


Ms Elsie Tjoeng

Director, Community Mediation & Minlaw Services Centre


Dr Lim Lan Yuan, BBM(L), JP, BBM, PPA(G), PBM

Principal Master Mediator, CMU Advisor


Mr Ameerali Abdeali, JP, PPA(G), PBM, PBS

Master Mediator


Madam Giam Lay Eng Marcellina, BBM, PBM

Master Mediator


Mr Poh Yong Meng Stephen, PBM

Master Mediator


Mr Ramachandran Perumal

Master Mediator

Last updated on 17 Aug 2018