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Advisor to the Community Mediation Unit (CMU)

Dr Lim Lan Yuan, BBM (L), JP, BBM, PPA (G), PBM 

Principal Master Mediator, Advisor to the CMU 




Dr Lim has over 40 years of extensive experience in the property business, conflict management and dispute resolution, training and consultancy. With his vast experience, he was a valuable member of the inter-agency Committee on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) which was convened in 1996. Chaired by former Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, Associate Professor Ho Peng Kee, the Committee explored how ADR processes, in particular, mediation, could be further promoted in Singapore. One of the recommendations resulted in the establishment of the CMC.


Currently, the only Principal Master Mediator at the CMC, Dr Lim is the highest-tiered mediator at the CMC. Apart from that, Dr Lim is also Advisor to the CMU where he plays an active role in training and developing the professional mediation skills of the mediators. He is also part of the selection interview panel that screens and selects suitable new volunteers to join the CMC volunteer panel. He is also the chief trainer for CMC’s mediation training programmes and workshops. He sits on the Advisory Committee on Community Mediation as a permanent member. 

Last updated on 17 Aug 2018