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Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners 01

In the eco-system of community conflict management and resolution, the CMC works closely with other agencies namely:


o   Singapore Police Force (SPF)

o   Housing & Development Board (HDB)

o   People’s Association (PA)

o   Town Councils (TCs)

o   Members of Parliament (MPs)


to identify and address social and community disputes quickly and effectively.


Being close to the ground, these agencies are likely to come across such disputes when it first emerges. Over the years, these agencies have been diligently referring suitable social and community disputes involving neighbours, family members and other kinds of interpersonal disputes to the CMC for mediation. As a result, today these agencies have become CMC’s strategic partners. Referrals to the CMC are done when members of public seek their assistance when faced with social or community disputes and are willing to use mediation to resolve such conflicts. 


If you are a public officer and would like to refer a case to CMC for mediation, please click here


Last updated on 20 Sep 2017