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Request for Briefing

Request for CMC Briefings

The CMC receives regular requests for briefings to front line officers from other public agencies who wish to understand the work of the CMC, the types of disputes which are suitable for community mediation and the process of referring cases for community mediation.


The CMC also shares information about the Singapore model of community conflict management and resolution with foreign delegates who are keenly interested in understanding and exploring such a model for their own community.


Request for CMC Briefing

If you are a public officer who wish for CMC to provide a briefing or talk to officers from your agency who may benefit from such information, please call us at 1800-2255-529 and provide the following information:


  • Name and Designation
  • Contact Number and Email
  • Proposed Briefing Date, Time and Venue
  • Number of Attendees 
Last updated on 20 Sep 2017