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Benefits of Mediation | Community Mediation Centre (CMC)

Cheap mediation Singapore

Private and Confidential

The identities of the parties and the matters discussed during the mediation is kept private and confidential.

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A typical mediation session lasts about 2 hours.

Benefits-Save Money

Cheap and Cost Effective

The CMC provides cost effective and cheap mediation in Singapore.


Pay a one-time only $5 administrative fee, regardless of the number of mediation sessions.


A re-mediation can be requested free of charge 3 months from the last mediation session.


Solution Oriented

Mediator will assist parties to develop their own solutions to address the issues in conflict.


Creative and Flexible

Parties have the flexibility of coming up with out-of-the-box solutions that suits them.

Benefits-Mend Relationship

Preserves Post Conflict Relationship

Provides an opportunity to mend relationships privately without unwanted publicity or embarrassment. 

Last updated on 10 Jul 2018