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Community Mediation



Community mediation is a form of dispute resolution that is practised in some parts of Asia. Particularly in places like China, South Korea and Japan, where Confucianism has a certain influence - social order, harmony and face-saving are highly valued.

Traditional Asian local farm houses and wooden bridge, Inle lake, Myanmar

Community mediation was first practiced in Singapore in the early days of Singapore’s history. Then, mediation was conducted by the village headman (known as the ketua kampong) as well as community leaders in the Chinese and Indian communities. These forms of mediation were common as community leaders were often approached by members of their respective communities to help them resolve their disputes. Such activities help build a strong and cohesive community among the early dwellers in Singapore. Mediation at the CMC emulates this model of mediation with suitable modification within Singapore’s modern-day dispute resolution framework.


Last updated on 21 Feb 2018