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Bankruptcy Notice

Notice To All Bankrupts


Bankrupts under the Official Assignee’s (“OA’s”) administration must submit their Statement of Affairs (“SA”) as advised in the Notice sent to them by the OA.


Bankrupts must update their address with the National Registration Office as all correspondence will be sent to the address maintained therein.


Bankrupts under Private Trustees’ administration must contact their Private Trustee to submit their SA in the manner advised by their Private Trustee.


Bankrupts under Private Trustees’ administration must update their Private Trustee of their latest address.


It is an offence for a bankrupt to:


• fail to file his SA;


• leave or remain outside Singapore without the OA’s / his Private Trustee’s prior permission;


• conceal, dispose, fail to deliver or leave Singapore with his property (except property that is protected against creditors by law) as it vests in the OA / his Private Trustee.


For more information on the duties and responsibilities of a bankrupt, please refer to Duties and Responsibilities of a Bankrupt.



Notice To Creditors, Debtors, Asset Holders & Interested Persons


Creditors of bankrupts should file their Proof of Debts with the OA / Private Trustees at within 6 months from the date of the Bankruptcy Order or any other date as instructed by the OA / Private Trustees.


All debts due to the bankrupts should be remitted to the OA.


All persons holding assets belonging to bankrupts or who have relevant information on the assets and affairs of bankrupts should furnish the information and location of such assets to:


• the OA, if the bankrupts are under the OA’s administration;


• the respective Private Trustee, if the bankrupts are under the Private Trustee’s administration.


For more information for creditors, please refer to Information for Creditors.

Last updated on 12 Sep 2017