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Information for Creditors

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1. Is it compulsory for me to attend the meeting of creditors?

You may choose not to attend the meeting of creditors. However, if you wish to raise questions in relation to the debtor’s Statement of Affairs, Income and Expenditure Statement and the Debt Repayment Plan, you must submit your list of questions to the Official Assignee at least 3 working days before the meeting. The OA will examine the questions to determine if they are relevant, and will disallow questions which are irrelevant,  frivolous or which cannot be substantiated.

2. How do I file a Proof of Debt and how much does it cost?

You may file your Proof of Debt electronically here at a fee of $5. You must attach your supporting documents to substantiate the claim when doing so.

3. Do I need to submit any documents to support my claim?

To assist us with the assessment of your claim, you need to provide us with a statement of account indicating the following:


(a) a detailed breakdown of all payments made by the debtor;


(b) the amount outstanding as at the date of last repayment, if any;


(c) the date the debtor last utilised the facilities, if applicable; and


(d) legal costs, if any. 


Please refer to the Checklist to Creditors for more details on supporting documents.


4. When will I receive dividend payments from the OA?

Pursuant to section 56J(2) of the Bankruptcy Act, the OA may only declare and distribute dividends to creditors who have proven their debts by filing a claim against a debtor. If you have yet to file your Proof of Debt, you will be excluded from any dividends that are distributed.

Dividends declared in this respect are made on a quarterly or half-yearly basis.


5. May I appeal if I disagree with the Debt Repayment Plan (“DRP”) that the OA has approved?

If you disagree with the DRP, you may file a Notice of Appeal with the Appeal Panel. This notice must be received no later than 14 days from the date of notice of the OA’s decision on the approved DRP (or Notice of Commencement of DRP). An Appeal Fee of $100 is chargeable upon each application.

6. Do I need to inform anyone if a third party pays the debt owed to me?

In the event that there are third party payments made towards the debt owed to you, please inform the case administrator immediately.

7. Is there any fee payable by creditors under the DRS?

Pursuant to Bankruptcy (Debt Repayment Scheme) Rules, the following fees are payable by creditors:



DRS search fees


Filing of Proof of Debt online


Request for documents from the OA

· Document search fees

· Photocopying charges


$1 per page

Last updated on 23 Nov 2017