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Unclaimed Monies

In all winding ups, any unclaimed dividends or other monies which remain unclaimed for more than six months from the date when they became payable and any unclaimed or undistributed monies after the final distribution shall be placed in the Companies Liquidation Account. Claimants may apply to the Official Receiver for the monies to be paid to them.


All unclaimed dividends and monies paid to the Official Receiver are transferred to the Consolidated Fund after 7 years unless a claim is made. A claimant may, at any time, make an application for the monies even after they are paid into the Consolidated Fund.



If you think you have monies held by the Official Receiver:


Step 1

Click on the specific listing of unclaimed monies that you want to view. E.g. If you are viewing the listing of outstanding monies of wound up companies, you may search for your name in the listing.


Step 2

If you locate a record of unclaimed monies due to you, take down the “Payee Name”, “Year Paid” and “Remarks” or "Reference No." stated in the listing.


Step 3

Contact the Official Receiver's office if you have documentary proof that you are the rightful owner of the monies at:


Insolvency Office

The URA Centre (East Wing)

45 Maxwell Road             


Singapore 069118

Tel: 1800-2255-529 (General Enquiries)


Step 4

Produce the necessary documents according to each of the categories set out below. Please provide information on the “Payee Name”, “Year Paid” and “Remarks” or "Reference No." when making the claim:

a)      A copy of the claimant’s identification documents; and

b)      Any other document evidencing that you are entitled to the unclaimed monies.



The Official Receiver will check the claimant’s details against the case file to see if the claim is valid and arrange for payment to be made to the claimant once the claim is verified.



Unclaimed Monies Held By:

Last updated on 05 Dec 2018