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How will my case be managed after I have been granted legal aid?

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1. Who should I contact if I have any questions about my case?

You may contact the Bureau if you have any queries relating to your case, including its progress. Alternatively, you can submit your enquiries online at


If your case is assigned to an assigned solicitor, we will inform you of the name of your assigned solicitor, his office address and contact number. You may contact your assigned solicitor directly regarding any queries relating to your case.

2. What will my lawyer do for my case?

Your LAB lawyer or assigned solicitor will prepare your Court documents and arrange for you to sign them. He will liaise with the opposing party or his lawyer. He will represent you in Court and inform you when you have to be present for Court proceedings. He will also keep you updated of all significant steps that are being taken to complete your case. LAB will also monitor the progress of your case if it is being handled by an assigned solicitor.

3. How long will it take to complete my case?

The time needed complete your case depends on a number of factors, e.g. the legal and factual complexity of the case, and whether the opposing party is legally represented and contesting the case. Fairly simple cases will take about 12 months to complete and more complex cases will take longer to complete.

4. How can I speed up the completion of my case?

You must be responsible for the progress of your case and cooperate with your LAB lawyer or assigned solicitor in order to expedite the progress of your case. 

For example, when you are required to attend appointments with your LAB lawyer or assigned solicitor or to submit documents, you must do so punctually. When you are informed to attend Court proceedings, you must do so. It is also important for you to update us on your latest correspondence address and your contact numbers so that we will be able to contact you.

5. When is my case considered to be completed?

Your case will be completed after the Court proceedings are completed. This may be after the Court has made an order, or when the parties have settled the matter out of Court, or if either party has withdrawn or discontinued the Court proceedings.

6. What should I do if I am dissatisfied with the Court's decision or order and I wish to appeal against it?

If you wish to appeal, you must go down to LAB immediately after the Court has given its decision or order. This is because there are strict timelines for the filing of an appeal and LAB will not be able to assist you if there is very little time left to do so. In addition, we have to refer your appeal case to an assigned solicitor to examine its merits, and he will not have sufficient time to do so if your application is late.

Last updated on 02 Feb 2017