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When can legal aid be cancelled by the Legal Aid Board?

The Legal Aid Board may cancel legal aid to you in the following situations: 

  • You have required your lawyer to conduct the proceedings in such a manner as to incur an unjustifiable expense;
  • You have unreasonably insisted on the continuance of the proceedings;
  • You have willfully failed to provide any required information; or
  • You have made a false representation in furnishing information.

Legal aid may also be cancelled in the following situations: 

  • Upon your request
  • Where you have failed to pay your assessed contribution despite numerous reminders to do so
  • Where you require the proceedings to be conducted unreasonably thus incurring unjustifiable expenses
  • Where you require unreasonably that the proceedings be continued
  • Where you have wilfully failed to comply with the law as to information to be furnished by you, or where you have made a false statement when furnishing such information
  • Where further information received shows that you fail the Means Test
  • Where you no longer have any reasonable grounds to continue with the case
  • Where it is unreasonable for you to continue receiving legal aid.

As an example, legal aid may be cancelled if you unreasonably refuse to accept your lawyer's advice or the Court's directions, or if you cannot be contacted despite numerous attempts to do so.

What happens after legal aid is cancelled?

We will inform you that you will no longer be legally represented by LAB. You will have to decide whether you wish to continue with your case in person or to engage a private lawyer to represent you. If no action is taken on your part to continue with your case, the Court may eventually strike out your case.

Last updated on 07 Dec 2012