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Meet Our Colleagues


"Joining the Ministry of Law lets Ms Tay Li Shing combine her expertise from her legal and government policy background."

Helping People Start Anew

"Seeing the effort put into the work we do translate into results, which can come in the number of discharges from bankruptcy or words of appreciation from our colleagues and even from the public, gives me job satisfaction."





A Love for Finance and Helping Others

"Sharizah Shariff’s job lets her combine her interest in working with numbers and people. "


"These things make me feel like this job is worthwhile because we’re giving them so much more than just a legal solution, we’re giving them peace of mind."

Tan Rou'en

"While emotionally draining at times, Ms Tan Rou’en finds fulfilment in her job at the Legal Aid Bureau."

Last updated on 29 Jul 2016