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Meet Our Interns

Yong Li Yuan(1)

"I was an intern at the Insolvency and Public Trustee Office. I  applied for this internship without any expectations and not  knowing what the exact job scope was. The learning and  support provided by IPTO was unparalleled and I realised  that internships are not just about self-learning but more of  what you can contribute to the firm or organisation."





Emira Binte Abdul Razakjr(1)

"I was an intern at the Legal Industry Division. Through this internship, I was able to better understand the job scope and the kind of work the Division does. During my time there, I was exposed to the different events carried out by the department to encourage the growth of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in Singapore. This internship was an enriching experience that opened my eyes to the wide range of events that help to develop Singapore into a Legal Services Hub."



Nicole Ann Lim Jia Ying(1)

"My internship experience with the Ministry of Law’s Legal Policy Division has been extremely rewarding. Over the course of eight weeks, I was tasked with conducting research on a wide range of topics, ranging from criminal to civil matters, and from purely legal tasks such as researching on specific areas of law, to more commercial and technical topics including cross-disciplinary subjects, and the compositions of foreign law tribunals. A recurring theme of my stint involved carrying out comparative research, which provided a taste of the cross-border nature of the research work that the Ministry of Law embarks on. Apart from that, I also assisted in public engagement events such as the [email protected] event. Through it all, I have obtained a deeper insight into the fascinating interaction between law and policy. I particularly enjoyed seeing how non-legal factors, such as behavioural economics considerations, feature in legal decision making as well. I am also truly grateful for my mentors, and all the friendly faces whom I’ve interacted with for their guidance and support on the various tasks. Thank you Ministry of Law for the valuable opportunity and enjoyable time."



Tan Hui Xin(1)

"My internship with the Ministry of Law has been enjoyable, novel and meaningful. I felt welcomed by my colleagues, who were supportive and concerned with my well-being. Additionally, they were enthusiastic about their work, and shared their passion with me by assigning me interesting projects that one might not encounter in private practice. I felt that my work has made a difference to Singapore’s legal landscape and I am more aware of the mechanisms behind Singapore’s legislation."

Last updated on 14 Aug 2017