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Why Join MinLaw

Why join MinLaw



Diverse opportunities for dynamic individuals

MinLaw offers a diverse range of opportunities for dynamic individuals to contribute your best, shape the future of our nation and make a difference to Singapore and its citizens..


Drawing on expertise across all disciplines, our officers enjoy excellent career opportunities in MinLaw Headquarters, as well as in our Departments and Statutory Boards. You will have the opportunity to formulate and review policies related to Singapore’s legal and intellectual property infrastructure, land resources and the insolvency regime. You can also seek challenges in our Departments, where you work closely with members of the public.



A vibrant, progressive and caring organisation

MinLaw is a forward-looking organisation with a strong family culture. With a flat and flexible organisational structure, you are directly involved in conceptualising key policy issues with senior management, while operating in a warm and friendly environment, where trust and respect are fundamental.


Our leaders are approachable, fair, open-minded people who inspire, build trust and empower officers to achieve their optimal performance at work. Achieving work-life balance for our officers is also essential to us. Management leads by example and officers are provided the flexibility to align the pace of their careers at various life stages.



Learning Development

MinLaw’s learning development framework aims to develop officers into effective individuals, people managers and competent professionals.


Individual – “leading self”. You will choose from a suite of carefully selected programmes designed to build up your knowledge of legal essentials, and personal and interpersonal competencies such as self-confidence, personal communications, teamwork, persuasive influence and commitment to excellence.


People Manager - “leading teams”. MinLaw’s leadership development cycle develops four key leadership competencies. You will attend a series of closed-door fireside chats, specially designed workshops, thematic learning journeys and carefully selected programmes and seminars to develop and inculcate specific leadership behaviours over a two-year period. Where possible, you will lead in specific inter-agency projects to build up organic leadership experience.


Competent Professional – “deepening expertise”.  Besides on-the-job training, you will choose from a suite of programmes and certifications which corresponds with your functional areas to develop your competency and knowledge in a structured approach throughout your career in MinLaw.


If you are keen to learn beyond your area of expertise, there are also opportunities for you to take on or join cross-functional project teams.  Promising officers may be sponsored to go for ministry-sponsored courses in which lead to formal qualifications.



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Last updated on 02 Oct 2018