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Public Consultation on Copyright Collective Rights Management Ecosystem in Singapore

Consultation Period:

MinLaw and IPOS are conducting public consultation on the copyright collective rights management ecosystem in Singapore from 16 May 2017 to 23 June 2017.


This public consultation is part of a broader overall review of Singapore’s copyright regime. A more general public consultation was held from August to November 2016. The responses to these public consultations will be taken into consideration in our review.


We invite all interested persons to provide feedback and suggestions on the questions and issues highlighted in this consultation paper. Respondents are also welcome to surface any other related issues.


The full public consultation paper may be viewed here.


Alternatively, if you prefer to provide detailed comments in writing, instructions for doing so may be found in Part VI of the full consultation paper (link above).


Following requests from the public, the consultation exercise will be extended by one week. It will now close on Friday 23 June instead. We invite all interested parties to provide responses by then.

(Updated 16 June 2017)


Confidentiality of Feedback Received


MinLaw and IPOS reserve the right to make public all or parts of any written submission and disclose the identity of the source. Commenting parties may request for confidentiality for any part of the submission that is believed to be proprietary, confidential or commercially sensitive. Any such information should be clearly marked and placed in a separate annex.


  • If MinLaw and IPOS grant confidential treatment, they will consider, but will not publicly disclose, the information.


  • If MinLaw and IPOS reject the request for confidential treatment, they will return the information to the party that submitted it and not consider this information as part of its review.

As far as possible, parties should limit any request for confidential treatment of information submitted. MinLaw and IPOS will not accept any submission that requests confidential treatment of all, or a substantial part, of the submission.



Last updated on 25 Jun 2019