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Legal Services Regulatory Authority

The Legal Services Regulatory Authority (“LSRA”) was established as a department under the Ministry of Law on 18 November 2015, following recommendations made by the Committee to Review the Regulatory Framework of the Singapore Legal Services Sector (“Regulatory Committee”) in January 2014 (click here for the Committee’s report).

The LSRA is helmed by the Director of Legal Services (“DLS”), who oversees the regulation of all law practice entities and the registration of foreign lawyers in Singapore.

The LSRA performs the following key functions, some of which were previously undertaken by the Attorney-General’s Chambers’ Legal Profession Secretariat (“AGC LPS”) and the Law Society of Singapore (“LawSoc”):

  • Licenses or registers all law practice entities;
  • Sets and reviews the business criteria and licence conditions relevant to different law practice structures;
  • Oversees the compliance by law practice entities of the business criteria and licence conditions;
  • Approves collaborative arrangements of Singapore Law Practices involving foreign ownership, profit-sharing or concurrent practice; and
  • Registers foreign-qualified lawyers and regulated non-practitioners.

To find out more about the licensing or registration of law practice entities, please click here.

To find out more about the registration of individuals, please click here.

To go to LSRA e-Services portal, please click here.

Last updated on 15 Mar 2016