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Information for Pawners

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1. When are the pawnbrokers’ auctions?

With the enactment of the Pawnbrokers Act 2015 on 1 April 2015, pledges taken in by pawnbrokers from 1 April 2015 onwards that remain unredeemed on the expiry of the lawful redemption period will be forfeited instead of auctioned. In the event of such a forfeiture, the unredeemed pledges becomes the absolute property of the pawnbroker. The last public auction of pawnbrokers' unredeemed pledges was held on 24 October 2015. 

2. How do I know if I have unclaimed surplus due to me pursuant to the repealed Pawnbrokers Act, and how do I get the surplus back?

Please refer to the Registry of Pawnbrokers web-link below on how you can check if there are any unclaimed monies due to you and the steps to recover them. (

Last updated on 31 Oct 2016