Technical Guide

If you encounter problem using eServices, you may like to check against the following browser settings. It is also recommended that you clear your cache on a regular basis.

Technical Help

  1. Compatiable Browser
  2. Browser Settings
  3. Clearing of Cache
  4. Exception
  5. Invalid Session
  6. Problem in viewing Receipt

1. Compatiable Browser

a.This site is best viewed using Internet Explorer 9 & above with 1024 resolution x 768 resolution.

2. Browser Settings

a.Internet Explorer
  • Go to the menu "View" or "Tools" -> "Internet Options". At the [General] Tab, at the "Temporary Internet files" section, click on the button [Settings ...].
  • Click on "Every visit to the page".
  • Click on the button [OK].
  • At the [Advanced] tab, scroll to the section on "Security". Make sure that "Use SSL 3.0" and "Use TLS 1.0" are both checked.
  • Click on the button [OK].

3. Clearing of Cache

a.Internet Explorer
  • Go to the menu "View" or "Tools" -> "Internet Options". Click on the button [Delete Files ...].
  • Tick the "Delete all subscription content" or "Delete all offline content'.
  • Click on the button [OK].
  • Go to Windows Explorer. Go to the folder C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. Look for the files named "jar_cachexxxxx.tmp". DELETE the files. If you do not have this folder, please do a find for the files starting with "jar_cache" and delete them accordingly.

4. Exception

If you encounter the above error, you may try to carry on with the transaction or restart the transaction. If you still encounter the error, please print the page to retain error message and contact Helpdesk (if applicable).

5. Invalid Session

If you encounter the above error, you may have to logout, or close the browser and restart the transaction. This error may be due to the clicking of the Back, Forward, Refresh icons on the Toolbar of the Browser and leaving the Browser idling for more than 15 minutes.

6. Problem in viewing Receipt

For eservice with payment, the receipt will be displayed in a separate pop-up browser. If your receipt is not displayed, it may have been blocked by your pop-up blocker which prevents most pop-up windows from appearing over pages you are viewing. You may like to disable your pop-up blocker before proceeding with your eservice payment, so that the receipt will be displayed.

Last updated on 1 Jun 2017